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Walking the tide was a large scale participatory performance event celebrating coast and community.
Work by Florencia García Chafuén in collaboration with Jo Hodges (
Voice work: Ali Burns
Music: Marion Kenny and Samson Sounds (
Commission: Making the Most of the Coast. Sep 2013.
Photo credit: Mike Bolam and Elenor Johnstone

Performance: Text
Performance: Projects


A sight-specific performance for The Cherry Blossom Festival at Alnwick Gardens.
Directed by Florencia García Chafuén
Performed by Florencia García Chafuén, Marion Kenny and Judith Williams.
Music by Marion Kenny and Judith Williams
Costume design by Alex Rigg from OCEANALLOVER.
Script by Debbie Kent

Performance: Text
Performance: Pro Gallery


A collaboration between Florencia García Chafuén and Denise Zygadlo.
Based on Denise Zygadlo exhibition.
Music by Rudi Zygadlo and Florencia García Chafuén

Performance: Text
Performance: Pro Gallery
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